DynamicWorks Consulting LLC

DynamicWorks Consulting LLC

Providing Counseling Services for Individuals, Couples and Families  within our Wellness Collective

Our Mission

DynamicWorks Wellness Collective is on a mission to promote a healthy way of being and the space which supports individuals on their wellness journey.  We honor the unique strengths and challenges of each individual, while working to enhance life skills, coping strategies, and interpersonal relationships.  

Our Philosophy 

DynamicWorks Wellness Collective holds a belief that lifelong dynamic works support obtaining an maintaining overall wellness.  The Collective aims to promote wellness by embracing transformative growth and progress by the act of encouraging and uplifting others.  We recognize wellness is unique to each individual and involves a dynamic working process that changes with every new experience. 

Providing effective affordable services is important to our vision. 

Our Team 

Angela Sastry  M.A., LPC, NCC - Therapist, Wellness Professional

Angela s Nationally Board Certified Licensed Professional Counselor who specializes in EMDR therapy for the treatment of anxiety and depressive symptoms.  Among her areas of practice are counseling for anxiety, depression, stress, trauma, ADHD, emotional dysregulation, mood disorders, personality disorders, pain management, relationship issues and everyday life challenges.  One of Angela's areas of focus is providing support for those who have experienced work related stress and trauma and helping them achieve healthy lifestyle goals.  (Angela is an EMDR and TF-CBT therapist)  [email protected]

Mary Gilman, PLPC  Candidate - Counselor, Wellness Professional  

Mary is a Webster University Clinical Intern providing Individual, Family and Group Counseling to people of all ages. Mary is interested in helping people reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression. With several years experience treating trauma, addictions and other life adversities, she is able to utilize a variety of treatment methods to support change. Additionally, Mary is skilled at assisting families in areas of communication, parenting and problem solving skills to improve relationships.  [email protected]

Ebony Brown  CIT - Counselor, Wellness Professional 

Ebony is a Webster University Graduate Student Intern providing Individual and Group Counseling. She is passionate about working with diverse populations providing evidence based treatment and therapeutic support for individuals of all ages and a diversity of backgrounds. 

Elizabeth Vivirito CIT  - Counselor, Wellness Professional 

Elizabeth is a Webster University Clinical Intern providing Individual and Couples Counseling . Elizabeth is trained in the Gottman approach to couples and marriage counseling. Elizabeth utilizes the Gottman Institute research-based road-map for helping couples compassionately manage their conflicts and deepen their friendship and intimacy, leading to an improved relationship.  

And many other Wellness Professional Partners and Community Partners. Visit us at the Collective.

Onsite Wellness Staff

Sofiya K., BS - Consulting Manager 

Sofiya is a wellness consultant providing coordination of services, media and publications to better help you keep connected to  your wellness goals. 

Zac W. - Operations Specialist  

As Operations Specialist, Zac manages daily operations of the facility to provide a comfortable place to achieve your wellness goals.  

*DynamicWorks Wellness Collective is a division of DynamicWorks Consulting LLC.

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