Heather Wood, MA PLPC


Heather Wood MA, PLPC specializing in anxiety, depression and relationships across the life span.

Heather earned her degree in counseling from Webster University. Her special interests include working with older adults and spending time with her therapy Chihuahuas. Heather works with adult individuals and couples. 

"Navigating life can be overwhelming. We all need support. If you’re struggling with depression and anxiety, feeling uncertain about a relationship, are coping with a loss, or are concerned about a new dilemma at work or home, I’m here to help. My therapeutic approach incorporates elements from multiple disciplines. My goal is to support you by providing a safe space based on trust. As the client, you are in charge of creating the person you wish to be. As the counselor, I will be there every step of the way, helping, encouraging, and supporting you through life’s complexities. I offer clients a space to pause and reflect, to think hard about what bothers them, and to find appropriate solutions to life’s many difficulties."


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