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The Counseling Intern Advantage 

DynamicWorks Wellness Collective is a collaborative space for clinician, wellness enthusiasts and students to work together toward healthy living goals. Our mission is to provide affordable holistic wellness services.

We use the funds we receive from your membership fee to maintain our website, support and maintain facilities and offer wellness and educational opportunities for all members and clients. Mental health therapists and holistic healers in private practice can charge upward of $150 per session. DynamicWorks Wellness Collective is a collective of wellness clinicians practicing privately who want to offer lower rates to individuals, families and couples seeking to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Because the fee is so low, after just one session per month, you’ve earned your investment back and more. The membership can be cancelled at any time and without any penalty.

Wellness Collective Customer Membership

Just $45.00 per Month to access weekly or bi-weekly counseling. 

How Do I Pay the Fee?  Two Ways: With your credit or debit card through our secure websites or if you would like to pay by check, make check payable to DynamicWorks Wellness Collective.

Is Worth It?  We think so. Obviously we have a deep appreciation for psychotherapy and healing modalities and how transformative it can be in all of our lives. We don’t want cost to be a barrier in receiving the support that you want. We all know that therapy can be extremely expensive, even if one has insurance. The generosity of Collective therapists makes it possible to see a psychotherapist that can help you for an extremely affordable rate.

Membership      Membership Plans and Pricing

What are the membership requirements? Membership is intended for people who are interested in working with a Counselor In-Training (CIT) graduate student working toward their clinical hours. Membership is maintained on a month to month basis.  Or if you take a break and come back to therapy at a later time, you can reinstate your membership.If you choose to work with our other licensed therapists, you need only to end your membership and begin scheduling with your selected clinician. If this occurs, we encourage you to speak with your therapist about your rates.

Q: What happens after I apply to be a member? Once you’ve submitted your membership application and are approved, you are able to choose your CIT Counselor. Then you will received your membership ID and benefits package.

Q: I have insurance. Can I use my insurance to pay the membership fees? Unfortunately, you cannot. One of the goals of the CIT therapy experience at the Collective is to completely bypass the insurance industry. If you end your membership and begin working with another therapist utilizing insurance or at the private pay rate, you can use your HSA or FSA money for payments.

Q: I’d like to see a couples counselor. Do we need to pay for two memberships for this? If you would like to work with a couples counselor, you and your partner just need to pay for one membership.

Q: Refunds. If for some reason you are unable to set up an appointment with your CIT counselor, we will refund your membership fee as long as you make the request within 10 days of submitting the payment.

Q: How do I book an appointment? A CIT Counselor will contact you to begin the process. You can reach out directly to your CIT counselor to book appointments.

Q: How often can I see a counselor? Please know that counselors’’ availability may vary. While some counselors’ may have availability within a few days, others may not have an open slot for more than a week. It is typical to see a counselor once a week but in certain circumstances you may see your counselor more. 

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