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Worldwide life expectancy data from the past 50 years shows that people who survive to age 65 are continuing to live longer than their parents – a trend that does not appear to be slowing down.  Regardless of socioeconomic factors, worldwide human lifespans are increasing by approximately 3 years, every generation or 25 years.[1] Not surprisingly, since 1980, the population in the United States of those aged 90 or older has tripled.[1]

In the United States, life expectancy is further adjusted upwards for those who are affluent.  For example, those in the highest 20% income bracket (earning approximately $86,500/year and higher) tend to live significantly longer than those who do not.  Among men born in 1960, those in the top 20% could expect to live 12.7 years longer than men in the bottom income brackets.  The life expectancy gap between the bottom and top income brackets of women was 13.6 years. [1] 

Other factors such as marital status also increase life expectancy.  For married couples currently age 65 or older, there is a 72% chance, that one spouse lives to age 85.  There is a 45% chance that one spouse lives to be age 90.  There is an 18% chance that one spouse lives to age 95.  There is an 8.7% chance that one spouse lives to age 100.[1]

Integrated Care Assessment Solutions Tools (I-CAST®)

The I-CAST® tools enable us to create a customized and fully actionable care plan.  In the I-CAST®-directed plan, we will forecast and discuss potential risks.  We will then outline preferred solutions and outcomes.  This care plan is designed as a living document to be updated on regular intervals.

The process typically involves three (3) meetings.  The Initial Meeting is an intake, introduction to the I-CAST® Process and consultation.  The Second Meeting is a Draft Plan meeting, where the plan is discussed and further customized.  The Third Meeting is a delivery of the Final I-CAST®-directed Care Plan.

After a final plan is delivered, at the client’s direction, we will share the plan with those who can assist in executing it.  The people who are typically provided a copy of the plan include potential caregivers, loved ones, financial professionals, legal professionals and benefits programs.

We are independent.  We only profit by our planning fees.  We have no other source of revenue.  That means we will never take any compensation from Home Health Care agencies, Nursing Homes or any other providers. 

We are credentialed and experienced.  We have Registered Nurses, Certified Case Managers, Licensed Pharmacists, Licensed Counselors, Wellness Professionals, Social Workers and Attorneys on our staff to provide you with a truly unique, valuable and unbiased service. 

We care.  We have assembled a team that has a passion for what we do.  All of our providers have personally experienced caring for older or incapacitated family members and are dedicated to helping others.  


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